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The Bond Store connects clients with an open and simple
interface to search, evaluate, and purchase from an inventory of over 30,000 bonds and other fixed income securities.

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30,000 Bonds. 1 Low Online Fee.

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$9.95 per transaction Just $9.95 per online transaction. No additional fees per bond, no added markups. No inactivity fees. No Sign-up Fees.
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municipals, treasuries, cds and more 30,000 municipals, corporates, treasuries, CDs, and more to choose from.

Bonds available to individual investors at competitive prices with a low $9.95 commission, when placed online.

30,000 Plus Bonds Online

With Bond Store, you have at your finger tips an easy to use search engine that enables individual investors to search more than 30,000 bonds, including: U.S. Treasury bills, notes and bonds, TIPS and strips, U.S. agency securities, investment grade U.S. corporate bonds, municipal bonds and new bond issues.

There is no registration or password required to try the Bond Store. See for yourself, how easy it is to search and buy individual bonds online.

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In a typical broker and individual investor relationship, the individual investor usually buys bonds at what is referred to as the retail price. The retail price includes a markup from the institutional price (the price the broker purchased the bond from the bond dealer). With the Bond Store, individual investors buy bonds at the same price brokers buy from bond dealers or other brokers - the institutional price.


Investors pay a $9.95 flat commission regardless of how many bonds you purchase.

Bond Commission Comparison
Zions Direct $9.95 for online orders
Scottrade $35.00 + $3.00 per bond
E*Trade $1 per bond ($10 minimum)
Fidelity $1 per bond ($8 minimum)
Schwab $1 per bond ($10 minimum)

Information as of 01/01/2013

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