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Receive $100 when your friend opens and funds a Zions Direct account*

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*Program Rules for Refer-a-Friend

The Refer-a-Friend program is a way to thank you for referring friends and family to Zions Direct. $100 will be credited into an eligible Zions Direct account of your choice when your Friend opens and funds an account with Zions Direct with a minimum of $50,000. You or your Friend may complete the referral information on a Refer-a-Friend form or the information can be provided when an account is opened.


You must be an individual, 18 years of age or older. and a legal resident of the United States. Custodial, retirement, and employee accounts are not eligible to receive the credit.


You may refer as many Friends as you would like, but you may refer each only once and there is only one $100 credit received per referral. The Friend must be a new customer (new social security/tax ID number) to Zions Direct.

Your Representations to Zions Direct

You represent and warrant that it is your opinion that each of the referred Friends given are interested in receiving information regarding Zions Direct. You agree not to use any false information in regards to this promotion.

Contact of Referrals

Zions Direct will contact referrals by phone, in person or by email with the information you have provided.


For each Friend that opens and funds an account with at least $50,000, a credit of $100 will be deposited to the eligible Zions Direct account number you have provided.


If Zions Direct determines at its sole discretion that you have not complied with the program rules, it may immediately and without notice to you, withdraw all benefits of the promotion. Zions Direct reserves the right to deny credit in cases it deems appropriate.


These Program Rules may be amended or modified at any time. Any amendments will be posted to this page, and it is your responsibility to check from time to time for any changes.

Limitation of Liability



Taxes related to the Refer-a-Friend program are your responsibility.

What is the Refer-a-Friend Program?

The Refer-a-Friend Program is our way of thanking you for referring friends and family to Zions Direct. $100 will be credited into an eligible Zions Direct account of your choice when the referred party opens and funds an account with Zions Direct with a $50,000 minimum.

How Do I Give a Referral?

Information can be completed on the Refer-a-Friend form or you can have referred parties provide the necessary information when opening an account. We will need your name and the account number you would like credited. If you would like to provide your account number to us personally, please provide a way to contact you.

What if someone I refer already has a Zions Direct account?

The program is intended to bring in new customers. If your friend has an existing account, they should participate in the program by providing referrals of their own.

How long will it take for my account to be credited the $100?

Please allow 2-4 weeks for your account to be credited after the new account is funded with a minimum of $50,000.

What is the minimum initial deposit my friend must make to open a Zions Direct account?

The minimum initial deposit is $50,000.

Can I receive the $100 in any of my Zions Direct Accounts?

No. Custodial, retirement, and employee accounts are not eligible to receive the $100.

If my Friend opens more than one account do I get additional $100 credits?

Unfortunately no. You will only receive one $100 credit for a referred friend.

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        A process allowing investors to place bids which may influence the prices and yields of securities they purchase.
        Bid by Price
        A designation to bid in a securities auction to influence the price of a security.
        Bid by Yield
        A designation to bid in a securities auction to influence the yield of a security.
        Broker Call Rate
        Interest rate charged by banks on loans made to Broker-Dealers.
        Buy Today
        Purchase a security at a set price without participating in an auction.
        Call Feature
        Identifies whether or not a bond is callable, which means the issuer can buy the bond back prior to maturity.
        Corporate Bond
        A bond issued and backed by a corporation (i.e. banks, retail chains, etc.)
        The annual interest rate that will be paid to the holder of a security, expressed as a percentage of the par value.
        Current Auctions
        Active auctions in which investors can still place bids.
        Current Market Clearing Price
        The most recent price, in dollars at which a given security was traded.
        Current Market Clearing Yield
        The most recent yield at which a given security was traded.
        Exchange Process Fee
        A fee charged by Zions Direct which offsets fees imposed by national securities and self-regulatory organizations or by U.S. option exchanges. This fee is in addition to commissions charged.
        FDIC-Insured CD
        A certificate of deposit that is backed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
        First Interest Date
        The day the first interest payment will be made.
        Int. Accrual Date
        The day on which interest begins to accumulate.
        Int. Frequency
        When or how often interest payment(s) will be made. (i.e. 'At Maturity,' 'Semi-Annually')
        Issue Type
        Indicates the nature of the sale of a given security (i.e. Primary or Secondary)
        The entity offering to sell a security to investors.
        Maturity Date
        The day on which the issuer will return the principal to the investor.
        Municipal Bond
        A bond issued by a municipality to fund public projects like the construction of schools, roads, hospitals, etc.
        Past Auctions
        Results from auctions that have already closed.
        The actual cost of the security.
        An exchangable asset of value, including stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments.
        Settlement Date
        The day an executed trade must be reconciled - i.e. the buyer or auction winner must pay for securities obtained.
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        The length of time between a security's settlement date and its maturity date.
        US Agencies
        Securities issued by US government organizations.
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