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Why Zions Direct
  • Zions Direct TV
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  • The Bond Store
  • Low Cost Investing
  • Financial Education

    Zions Direct TV is the home for Zions Direct's award-winning community and educational videos. Learn a wide array of investing concepts through animations and guest speakers.

    Zions Direct TV
  • Multiple Auctions Daily

    Retail and institutional bidders can bid daily in security auctions, from agency and municipal bonds to FDIC-insured CDs. Bidders help determine the price, and winners pay no commissions or markups.

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    * As of December 31, 2014

  • 30,000 Bonds Available at the Bond Store

    The Bond Store offers 30,000 bonds and other fixed-income products all under one roof. You pay commissions as low as $9.95 for online trades, with no additional markups charged by Zions Direct.

    Bond Store
    No Mark-ups
  • Keep More of Your Earnings

    Place bond and stock trades through your Zions Direct account for as low as $9.95. Or try Zions Direct Auctions, where fixed-income products are purchased with no commission or markup charged by Zions Direct.

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    No Commissions*
    No Mark-ups*

    *Commission and mark-up free investing applies only to trades placed via the auction platform and certain other trades.
    See Fees & Commissions for details.

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        Zions Direct


        A process allowing investors to place bids which may influence the prices and yields of securities they purchase.
        Bid by Price
        A designation to bid in a securities auction to influence the price of a security.
        Bid by Yield
        A designation to bid in a securities auction to influence the yield of a security.
        Broker Call Rate
        Interest rate charged by banks on loans made to Broker-Dealers.
        Buy Today
        Purchase a security at a set price without participating in an auction.
        Call Feature
        Identifies whether or not a bond is callable, which means the issuer can buy the bond back prior to maturity.
        Corporate Bond
        A bond issued and backed by a corporation (i.e. banks, retail chains, etc.)
        The annual interest rate that will be paid to the holder of a security, expressed as a percentage of the par value.
        Current Auctions
        Active auctions in which investors can still place bids.
        Current Market Clearing Price
        The most recent price, in dollars at which a given security was traded.
        Current Market Clearing Yield
        The most recent yield at which a given security was traded.
        Exchange Process Fee
        A fee charged by Zions Direct which offsets fees imposed by national securities and self-regulatory organizations or by U.S. option exchanges. This fee is in addition to commissions charged.
        FDIC-Insured CD
        A certificate of deposit that is backed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
        First Interest Date
        The day the first interest payment will be made.
        Int. Accrual Date
        The day on which interest begins to accumulate.
        Int. Frequency
        When or how often interest payment(s) will be made. (i.e. 'At Maturity,' 'Semi-Annually')
        Issue Type
        Indicates the nature of the sale of a given security (i.e. Primary or Secondary)
        The entity offering to sell a security to investors.
        Maturity Date
        The day on which the issuer will return the principal to the investor.
        Municipal Bond
        A bond issued by a municipality to fund public projects like the construction of schools, roads, hospitals, etc.
        Past Auctions
        Results from auctions that have already closed.
        The actual cost of the security.
        An exchangable asset of value, including stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments.
        Settlement Date
        The day an executed trade must be reconciled - i.e. the buyer or auction winner must pay for securities obtained.
        An equity security that denotes partial ownership in the issuing company, entitling the shareholder to a portion of its income.
        The length of time between a security's settlement date and its maturity date.
        US Agencies
        Securities issued by US government organizations.
        The annual interest generated by a security divided by its current market price, expressed as a percentage.