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Technical Service

Zions Direct Service Representatives are available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. MT at 1-800-524-8875.

Please call Zions Direct at 1-800-524-8875.

Regular mail address:
Interactive Brokers LLC - Document Processing
P.O. Box A3770
Chicago, IL 60690-3770

Overnight mail address:
Interactive Brokers LLC  Document Processing
209 South LaSalle Street, 10th Floor
Chicago, IL 60604

Zions Direct will accept fax requests at 888-264-6188.

And Interactive Brokers will accept fax requests at 312-984-1017.

You may need to adjust the security settings on your web browser. Check your computer security to ensure that you have allowed cookies. If the problem continues, please call Zions Direct at 1-800-524-8875.


If your trade shows pending this means that your order has not yet been approved and executed. Your order may have been placed after the market closed and is waiting for approval before the next trading session or we may be verifying your account. If the order shows canceled or rejected, it may be due to a lack of funds for the trade or a corporate action. Please contact a Zions Direct financial professional at 1-800-524-8875 during regular business hours for further assistance.

You will be able to see the progression of your order by looking under the Orders tab. The order status will appear under the "Status" heading.

Operations and Money Movement

To learn more about our operations and money movement, please visit the Interactive Brokers' Funding Reference.

Recent Changes

Zions Direct routinely looks for ways to improve the offering that it presents to its clients. Interactive Brokers is regularly rated as the top on-line broker by different publications and executes more on-line trades on a daily basis than any other firm. Their platform and technology lead the brokerage industry and they are a great partner enabling Zions Direct to offer leading technology and a great on-line experience to its customers.

Yes. Zions Direct is mailing both the User ID and temporary password (each in a separate letter) to the mailing address of record for each account. If you have not received both letters for each account you may have, please contact us at 800-524-8875.

Yes. Zions Direct has created a new account on the Interactive Brokers platform for each account you currently have on the National Financial Platform; however the new accounts and your personal information must be accepted and confirmed by you before the assets will transfer to Interactive Brokers. To accept and confirm the account(s), please log in using the information given (User ID and Temporary Password) in the two separate mailings you should have received and the site will direct you through the process.

You may transfer your account to another broker dealer of your choice. If the account is transferred after 9/30/2017 transfer out fees may be charged to your account.

Yes. In the month that your account transfers you will receive a statement from both National Financial Services and Interactive Brokers. The statement from National Financial will show your assets being withdrawn from your account with a transaction description indicating they are being transferred to Interactive Brokers. Your statement from Interactive Brokers will show your assets being deposited to your new account there.

Depending upon the activity that takes place in your account(s), you probably will receive a tax form from each clearing firm.

Zions Direct is covering the fees charged by National Financial to close and/or transfer your account(s) until 9/30/2017. Even if you decide to transfer to another firm, Zions Direct will still cover the NFS fees until 9/30/2017.

Once the account is transferred to Interactive Brokers, the check writing and automatic payments will no longer be available. Please make arrangements to stop the use of these items prior to transferring the account.

Please ensure that you stop the automatic payments from occurring as they could be rejected once the account is transferred from NFS.

The disbursements will need to be recreated on the IB platform. You can create those under the Funding menu within Account Management.